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Adventum Group, a fund manager focused on CEE Real Estate Investments was founded in 2006 and is entirely owned by management. It has been operating under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive with fund management companies established in Valletta and Budapest, and a total AuM of EUR 1 billion. Adventum’s ESG strategy is focused on the reduction of lifetime CO2 emission and guided by international sustainability agenda and conventions such as the Paris Agreement. The Group’s personnel includes highly experienced real estate professionals with CFA, NRW and MRICS qualifications and proven track record in the CEE region. The management has so far executed investments in the CEE region over a total value of EUR 2 bn.

With respect to article 4 of SFDR, in its website the AIFM indicates that it does not consider principal adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors, mainly due to the fact that prior to the applicability of SFDR the AIFM had already undertaken most of its investment decisions on behalf of the Fund, being the only AIF under its management, and that the AIFM does not intend to consider adverse impact of its investment decisions on sustainability factors in the foreseeable future.

“The Remuneration Policy of the Company requires the persons within Adventum International Ltd who are responsible to undertake investment decisions on behalf of the Company to take into consideration sustainability risks in their investment decision-making process, and to conduct ongoing checks and monitoring for sustainability risks for each investment undertaken. Failure to identify any relevant sustainability risk will lead to the concerned person losing any right to receive Variable Remuneration to which he would have otherwise been entitled to in terms of the Remuneration Policy.”

Available information on the investment funds
Adventum handles only closed-end investment funds and publishes information about the Funds exclusively to its investors. If you are a shareholder in any of the funds managed by Adventum, please enter your password or ask for one at info@adventum.eu to access the web interface.

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Adventum International Ltd is licensed by the MFSA as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager with licence no IS/88511.

Adventum and its ownership structure guarantees both activities based on professional considerations and economic rationalities, focusing exclusively on its investors’ interest. The Management Company is fully owned by GRW International Ltd.

The performance of Adventum and the level of service provided derives from its colleagues’ and partners’ professional experience gained over the many years spent in the investment and RE sector. The Management uses this extensive experience to implement investments in and through its funds primarily in the CEE Real Estate market.

Adventum handles only closed-end investment funds and publishes information about the Funds exclusively to its investors.


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